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March 2001 Tech Questions List -- efb-techques Email list

I'll try to keep it short and simple .. hard for me .. THIS in not UCE .. It's from Everett ..

Looking for any of the following:

  1. PC Parts resellers in Ventura County -- address, phone, URL
  2. PC Parts in Southern California -- address, phone, URL
  3. Best experience with 10/100 wireless NICs: Brand, Mod, approx price, vendor
  4. PC RAM resellers in Ventura County -- address, phone, URL
  5. RAM in Southern California -- address, phone, URL
  6. Names of ANYONE who has been selling computer elex and services or sales associations who will be getting the short end of Navy NMCI .. if you haven't met it yet.
  7. Can a 486-MotherBd with PCI, Award 1997 BIOS probably use the newer 10 to 100 GB IDE drives ? and multiple PCI NICs ?
  8. Any way to use Access short of running VmWare or

Appreciate any help.

If I got you an annoying email .. tell me and I will delete you from the list .. /Ev/

  • March 1999
Meeting Notes and Schedule Mar 5 - Contact Sandy Ferguson (see notes) if you can help at St Anthony's. Mar 6th - Special Marketing Meeting in prep for NetDay_99 (see link in minutes of 2.27). Mar 20th is NetDay. Apr 1 is a caravan to Cisco VPN Class if you sign up.. Virtual Private Nets are built between two offices or networks to grant privacy and enhanced protocol connectivity.
GMAIL (oogle)   or   YAHOO will give you a free account if you will just go there and spend 15 minutes or less armed with your name, and a few minor personal details, much is optional. It is free and allows you to send and receive email over the web. Professor Lynch advised me we can sign up from school in the class room .. It only requires some kind of web access. I just signed up .. works fine.
  • Oxnard,

  • Jan 19 Battery 
    Oxnard enjoyed a 3.2R quake with lots of motion. Being well educated Californians, we all rush out and enrich the battery business for our retailers and world wide battery manufacturers. Since we won't have another quake for a while, I expect, lots of kids will eat this fresh household supply of batteries and we will do poorly at recycling this supply of chemicals. 

  • Oct 1998 
    Is a mostly non-Commercal undertaking intended to provide work experience into the very well paid and under staffed profession of computer networking. When incomes meet and exceed the 4 to 8 year college educated professionals, we can call it a profession. Originally, all the Networkers were the original builders of the National Information Infrastructure. With every company's need to connect as well as many homes, the technologist to perform the complex tasks or securely connecting little nets to bigger nets needed a school and a Work Experience. Netteam provides this work experience. 
    Cisco Academy Aug 1998  Is the work of our Oxnard Community College, Engineering Professor, Ed Lynch. Not only did Professor Lynch persuade Cisco Systems to let him and Oxnard CC teach the skills for professional networkers, but Professor Lynch's work included forming a Regional Coordination Center and "Teacher Teacher" facility at Oxnard for Ventura and parts of surrounding counties. Ed's own work and that in his Regional colleges and high schools has earned the acclaim of our local newspaper. Search "Cisco" at Ventura County Star. Star Tech article W.e. Jan 24, Cisco Program feature article. 
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